Eyes Of The World is the Exclusive Authorized re-seller of Photobrick in Queensland, Australia. 

Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you will receive a set kit with instruction booklet explaining how to assemble your photobrick and a pack of bricks in the right amount and color needed for your perfect photobrick.

Enjoy an artistic and joyful moment with your family and friends in a bonding activity and celebrate together as your memory comes to life.

Watch the video to see the whole process:


Photobrick - Build Your Memories! (19)

Buildable Christmas Tree Balls


1 Big Board - Photobrick


2x2 Boards - Photobrick


2x3 Boards - Photobrick


3x2 Boards - Photobrick


2x4 Boards - Photobrick


4x2 Boards - Photobrick


3x3 Boards - Phototbrick