How Night Lights Can Benefit a Baby's Development

by Rob Murray on June 15, 2020

For many new moms, it’s not just their baby’s night time feeds that can disrupt their sleep – these painful, sleepless nights continue to haunt them for another few years. As a baby grows into a toddler, a mother might be relieved of frequent feeding at night, but the horrors of late night tantrums continue because babies find it difficult to sleep.

One reason a baby may not able to sleep comfortably at night is because of the darkness in their room. For babies, sleep is just as important as food and if for some reason there is sleep deprivation amongst kids, then it can lead to poor health and growth.

Using night lights in your babies’ room can solve this problem. But are parents’ concerns about the use of these lights justifiable or just myths?

Can night lights cause short-sightedness in babies?

It’s been assumed that night lights have been causing short-sightedness in babies. But there is very little truth in it according to a recent scientific research. Originally, researchers were able to find a positive correlation between night lights and myopia. But in 2001, another study by Perceptual and Motor Skills completely negated the preceding results. So now, it’s affirmative that nightlights are not harmful for the babies.

By now, we know that sleep is one of the essentials of a healthy baby development and night lights can provide a continued calmness for babies, leading to longer sleep intervals. But are there are any other benefits of using these nighttime lights? Yes, there are a few. Have a look at 3 more reasons to use nightlights.

3 Benefits of using night lights

1. According to doctors, nighttime lights can boost a baby’s brain development. The American Optometric Associations recommends use of nighttime lights from birth to four month for better visual development.

2. There will be no more nightmares for your baby. Many babies around 2-4 years can develop a fear of darkness and nightlights can console them, making them feel safer.

3. Parents can walk through their toddler’s room more safely at night. There are many times when they may have to check in to their baby’s room for nighttime feeds. It can also help your toilet trained babies to find their way to bathroom safely.

Apart from all the aforementioned benefits of using nightlights, they are also very useful and practical.

How to choose a night light

If you plan on getting a night light for your baby, then you might want to get something that’s best for the both of you. How about one that helps toward your baby’s education and development? Something soothing perhaps? 

What about a customised night light with your baby's name and that can change to 7 different colours?

Night lights can be a great source of comfort for the parents and the babies. It’s the perfect appendage to the healthy development arsenal of a baby.

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